When was the last time you had conversations with friends around books that felt like camping under stars, and sharing stories around a bonfire?

A digital campfire experience for book lovers to cultivate lifelong friendships.

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How does it work?

Campfire Book Club brings together tiny cohorts of book lovers who like to read, discuss ideas and build their audiences online.


Yes, size of the cohort matters. We ensure that each cohort doesn't exceed a grand total of nine members.


Pick a book and get teamed up with accountability partners to finish it in a month’s time.


Cohort based courses work for a reason. We are recreating this magic centered around books.

Retain ideas better

Reading books is not passive. Share, debate and critique ideas. Connect and combine perspectives online.

Not your ordinary book club

Books, like friends should be few and well chosen. That’s one of the reasons why we created this.

We love book clubs, but also know first hand how hard it is to
keep them alive and fun.

You might already be sick and tired with Goodreads, so this is a new spin to the traditional book clubs through richer online discussions and accountability partners.



Think Again | Adam Grant

Think Again delivers smart advice on unlearning assumptions and opening ourselves up to curiosity and humility.
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Range | David Epstein

Why and how do generalists trump in this specialized world? Join us to deep dive into this topic.
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Want to host your own campfire?

Create your own cohort surrounding the book of your choice. We provide you all the tools and templates for the best possible learning experience.

Run repeatedly across independent cohorts for various books.
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